Strategy is the key to success. That’s our philosophy. Having a great design and good content is a good and essential start for any business. However, times change, consumer needs change, and therefore your business and brand may require changes. This is where great strategy is important to the success of your business and its branding. It is important to prospective leads and existing customers that your products and/or services remain consistent and true to your brand. We can help you with these strategies. Call 0410 655 999 today to find out more about how our strategic specialists can help your business.

Brand development

We speak a lot about branding when it comes to businesses, marketing, and web design, but what is a brand and how do you create a brand for yourself?

Your brand defines who your business is, what it offers, and most importantly, what your customers and leads should expect when dealing with your business. Usually, you capture your brand without even knowing it – in your ‘who we are’ and ‘our values’, but communicating that through your everyday business, products, and marketing, is where the challenge really is. We know you have a vision of who you are and what your values are as a business, and we want to help you develop those into a consistent and well-developed brand you can be proud of and your customers can trust. With specialists in brand development along with all the right marketing and copywriting specialist all under the same roof, go no further! Contact 0410 655 999 today to find out more and start developing your dream brand.

Graphic Design

How your brand and products are visually presented is as important as the marketing and online sides of things. Maintaining new and exciting designs whether it be for your brand logo or products is important for your customers and leads, in fact, it may influence their decision when considering your product and/or service.

With highly experienced and qualified graphic designers, we are always on your side to deliver the best possible graphic solutions for your brand, regardless of budget and time constraints. We’re always making sure we reach a compromise and take pride in the high quality work we deliver. So pick up your phone and call 0410 655 999 today to discuss your next graphic project.

Microsoft templates

Ever been assigned the task of writing up a bid, tender, business proposal, annual report, marketing material, or a simple business letter or fax? Or maybe you were once asked to put together a new form or a business presentation. Maybe you want all of your staff to be able to use an excel spreadsheet, regardless of their proficiency with excel. But where do you start? Do you have your preferred way of doing things and want to make sure your staff use a consistent method without needing you to spoon feed them every time?

Well, there’s a simple solution – templates.

Microsoft is the most commonly used software for document creation, whether it is word, PowerPoint, or excel. Avid users of the Microsoft Office Suite would know that there are already some templates available through the software, and many a time do people spend countless hours to attempt to customise those templates to suite their needs. As a business/brand, it is important that there is consistency in the way things are presented, including appropriate branding displayed on each document identifying the documents to your brand/business. You have a vision, and we have the solution to ensure consistency through your business/brand management, and without the time wasted on endless formatting. We can tailor and design your very own templates for you, and our highly trained copywriters can even work with you to provide examples/guidelines in your templates to help direct staff and assist in training.

Direct mail

Writing to your customers and prospective leads, regardless of the medium, can prove to be a bigger challenge than you thought it would be. Are you giving too much information? Is your tone as encouraging and friendly as you intended? Will you persuade a response or action? These are the second thoughts you might be having after drafting up a letterbox drop, a direct email or one of the more complex forms of direct mail, a B2B letter/campaign. Unless you have an in-house marketing specialist and skilled copywriters, writing any form of direct mail will almost always leave you questioning yourself. Having a chat with a member of our team about your objectives and intended content is all you’ll have to do for your next direct mail project. We will transform your ideas into the most efficient direct mail possible – all you have to do is wait for results! So why not get in touch today?

Print management

Despite the increase in online marketing and internal business matters going electronic, print still remains an essential part of any brand/business. It is uncommon that businesses have an internal print management team, and it is usually considered wise to have your printing externally managed. With end-to-end solutions, not only can we design and write your marketing material, templates and internal documents, or design product packaging, but we can also deliver printing within budget and time frames. Our quality printing is sure to impress and provide you with the peace of mind you and your business need.

Video and animation

With the world moving online and videos being the newest form of communicating, it is never a bad idea to develop a great video to tell your story. Videos are a quick tool to sell, promote, and educate, but let’s face it, not everyone is a director, composer and excellent cameraperson. Why not get in touch today to take advantage of our videography partners who will work with our marketing specialist in producing your most perfect video?

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