email marketing

Who said putting your business online stops at the perfect website? And have you heard the nonsense that you can’t reach out to customers these days if you aren’t already online? None of this is true because whether you’re online or not, your business is the platform for generating leads and maintaining customer relations. Email marketing campaigns are the perfect tool to develop new leads, convert leads into customers, and engage existing or past customers.

With a strong team of marketing specialists, copywriters and designers, we can help your business maximise email marketing efficiency whether it be simple advice or creating the campaigns for you to achieve the results you’ve been hoping for.

banner design & development

Do you recall ever spotting a great deal in a well-designed banner and not being able to resist paying attention? It has happened to the best of us and it isn’t simply because it was something we were genuinely interested in.

Online advertising is a world with no real limits and involves intricate strategies and continuous campaign management. Mankind is easily captured by attention-grabbing details, making images and designs major players in a business’s success. With skilful designers and marketing and online strategy specialist, we know how important the perfect banner can be to your online marketing campaign, whether it be a still image, or an animated HTML5 banner. Our dedicated team work closely with clients to design and develop the perfect marketing banner for your website, ensuring you grab the attention of your targeted audience.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

“Hey Siri/Google. How do I get my website to be at the top of the search results?” Yes, a question every business owner has asked or will eventually ask once they’re online. Every competitor of yours is probably looking for that top spot too, so don’t expect it to be easy for you to do on your own. SEO are three letters that so many people claim to have as a skill these days, but it isn’t as simple as just claiming to be an SEO expert. SEO lies well and truly within digital marketing and is a skill that is perfected best by marketing specialists. We are lucky to have some of the best marketing specialists working for us and have the support of excellent designers and copywriters. With such a strong team, we take pride in the delivery of highly specialised SEO services to our clients.

Google AdWords

Another common term you may hear people claiming to be specialists in is ‘Google AdWords’. So what in the world is it?

Like SEO, Google AdWords revolves around search engines and is an initiative of the renowned Google. Although anyone can make an account and attempt to make the most of the platform, costly mistakes can easily be made, and that’s why a dedicated marketing specialist is bets to be consulted. The correct term would be Search Engine Marketing, or SEM. SEM focuses on direct advertising to concise target groups through search engines and social media. Get in contact with one of our specialist today for assistance with your SEM outreach through Google Adwords! We will work with you to make the most of your investment with continuous guidance for continuous results.

Social media strategy

Going ‘viral’. It is definitely the new thing when it comes to the internet. Almost seems like being online simply isn’t enough. But it certainly isn’t about going viral, rather reaching your target audience effectively. The biggest problem with the urger to ‘go viral’ is that you may really tarnish your business’s reputation and ultimately cause non-reversible damage to your brand. Having said that, having an effective social media strategy has proven its importance in the success of businesses. Social media may not be the forte of many people, and knowing how to use social media for personal use doesn’t mean you’ll be proficient at using social media for marketing purposes. Having a social media marketing expert’s guidance through the development and management of your social media strategy could really put you ahead of the game against your competitors. Our experts always look forward to taking on their next social media challenge.

Email signatures

Coded email signatures are created to make sure company brands are kept consistent throughout their organisations. But how many times have you received an email where signatures don’t exist, are missing information, or are poorly formatted? Sometimes you totally miss the signature block because it looks as boring as the rest of the email. We’ve certainly lost interest in the plain signature blocks we’ve seen in our time working with businesses, and can surely see how it can affect business with customers and potential leads.  We enjoy adding our bit of flair to your branding when we can and helping you deliver towards your branding, even if it is as simple as spicing up what might be a boring and informative email. We do this by customising email signatures with unique designs using HTML and CSS. After all, you don’t want a customer or potential lead not noticing your contact details and ultimately resulting in loss of business, so why not make it unique?


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